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Hartman Sales and Training Center

EVIDENTIAL BREATH TESTER,, drug and alcohol technician training,

      D.O.T approved Evidential Alcohol Testers, Alcovisor Jupiter, Mercury and Mark V EBT devices


We offer small Loans

  (Leasing) Program



for the Jupiter, Mercury and Mark V Alcohol Breath testers




Mouth Pieces for the Jupiter and Mercury Alcohol Breath MachinesMouth Pieces


Mouthpieces for Mark V alcohol tester



Mark V      ORDER $26.50   


100 per bag - individually wrapped for sanitary use.



Thermal Printer PaperPaper for the printers

MARK V , JUPITER and  MERCURY printers


8 rolls per box $25.99 ORDER

4 rolls per box $14.50 ORDER

all three (printers) use the same paper


Printer Battery for the JUPITER - MERCURY - MARK V PRINTERSPrinter Battery Rechargeable High-capacity lithium ion rechargeable battery.


MARK V, JUPITER and  MERCURY printers 

$45.00  ORDER



Blue-Tablets Turn water in a toilet tank blue. Adding one Blue-Tabs to a urinal or toilet greatly reduces the opportunity for testing subjects to water down and adulterate their urine specimens. Add Blue-Tabs directly to the bowl after each flush. Ideal for commercial toilets without water tanks. Blue-Tabs are required when conducting DOT or regulated drug testing.



100 tablets per bottle

1 bottle $18.99  each bottle ORDER



pkg of 100  (English) 

DOT ORDER  $26.00




pkg of 100 (English)





ORDER MARK V    $119.99   


ORDER JUPITER     $129.99


1 Pack DOT Forms (100/pk)   

1 Pack Non-DOT Forms (100/pk)

1 PACK 100  Mouthpieces

4 Pack Thermal Printer Paper

1 box of Tamper Evident Tape, Yellow color 1 roll.


Get all your breath testing supplies now in one simple kit 

Kit provides everything you need for compliant testing. 



Alco 2 screenersAlco-Screen Saliva Alcohol Test    ORDER  $48.99  DOT approved Alcohol Screening

Alco-Screen .02 Alcohol Saliva Test Strips, DOT approved / FDA approved/CLIA waive


Pass/Fail results at 0.02 alcohol concentration, Convenient, Fast Results  24 test strips per box   

Perfect for anyone concerned with alcohol abuse or consumption, the Alco-Screen disposable, one-step alcohol screening tests are the perfect solution. Testing is easy, just place the alcohol testing strip on the tongue to saturate the testing pad. Alcohol testing results will appear within 4 minutes. If alcohol has been detected, there will be a color change on the test page. Compare your results to the picture featured on the back of the package and you're done.         

Dry Gas 34 liter with-out regulator  $164.00  







Dry Gas 34 liter with regulator   $264.00 WITH PUSH BUTTON REGULATOR

  Dry Gas

Dry Gas 105 liter  $174.00 with-out regulator



Dry Gas Tank Regulator
Fits 19 liter, 34 liter, and
105 liter tanks. 1.5 Lpm
flow rate  $112.00  ORDER



Calibration Accuracy Check Gas for approved Evidential Breath Testers (EBTs), Approved for DOT use, Lightweight aluminum tank

34 Liter tank average number of tests: 180

105 Liter tank average number of tests: 525

3 year shelf life


.040%  - Order    34 L

.080%  - Order    34 L

.100%  - Order    34 L

.040%  - Order  34 L

.080%  - Order  34 L

.100%  - Order  34 L

.040%  - Order  105 L

.080%  - Order  105 L

.100%  - Order  105 L








Tamper Evident Tape 


Tamper Evident Tape, Printed with the words "TAMPER RESISTANT TAPE" 


 " x 108'  Red,  2 Rolls per box, 216' Total  $24.50 per box  ORDER






Tamper Evident Tape


.5" x 108'   Red   $20.50 ORDER

(No wording) 2 Rolls per box






Tamper Evident Tape


1" x 108'   1 Roll per box

Red   $20.50 ORDER (No wording)





Tamper Evident Tape


.5"x 108'  Yellow $20.50 ORDER

(No wording)  2 rolls per box

Tamper Evident Tape


 1"x 108,  Yellow: $20.50 ORDER

(No wording)  1 roll per box  (1 inch wide)











Red Security Seals ORDER  $25.99

pack of 400 cnt  1" x 6"  5/8


White Security Seals ORDER  $25.99

pack of 400 cnt  1" x 6"  5/8


Yellow Security Seals  ORDER  $25.99 

pack of 400 cnt  1" x 6"  5/8






Ammex VSPF48100 +AMMEX Extra Large Powder Free Medical Grade Stretch Vinyl Gloves, Natural, Beaded Cuff, Smooth Exterior, Latex Free, Cuff Thickness 3 +/- 1 mil, Palm Thickness 4 +/- 1 mil, Finger Thickness 6 +/- 1 mil, 115 +/- 5 mm Width, 235 +/- 5 mm Length, 100 gloves per box, Box Dimensions 240 x 125 x 70 mm, UPC 697383402943 (VS-PF48100 VSP-F48100 VSPF-48100 VSPF 48100)AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves |

AMMEX VSPF $52.00 per case 

Premium vinyl exam gloves formulated to fit and feel like latex.

Material: Stretch Vinyl   PF: Powder Free.  Ivory color - Gloves Per Box: 100 pair   Boxes Per Case: 10 Count Per Case: 1000


Image result for AMMEX Vinyl Exam Gloves  AMMEX VPFAMMEX Vinyl Exam Gloves  AMMEX VPF

         $45.00  per case

Material: Vinyl  PF: Powder Free    Color: Clear

Gloves Per Box: 100 pair Boxes Per Case: 10 Count

Per Case: 1000


AMMEX Nitrile Exam Gloves  AMMEX APFN AMMEX Nitrile Exam Gloves  AMMEX APFN  $79.00 per case

Premium exam gloves with outstanding performance.

Material: Nitrile   PF:  Powder Free   

Per Box: 100   Boxes Per Case: 10   Count Per Case: 1000

Premium   Color: Blue  

VSPF42100 Small          ORDER

VSPF44100 Medium      ORDER

VSPF46100 Large         ORDER

VSPF48100 Extra Large ORDER

VPF62100 Small        ORDER

VPF64100 Medium   ORDER

VPF66100 Large        ORDER

VPF68100 Extra Large ORDER

APFN42100 Small          ORDER

APFN44100 Medium      ORDER

APFN46100 Large          ORDER

APFN48100 Extra Large  ORDER


Please Note:  Shipping for supplies is a standard 2-4 business days with standard shipping charges applied at checkout.

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