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EVIDENTIAL BREATH TESTER,, drug and alcohol technician training,

      D.O.T approved Evidential Alcohol Testers, Alcovisor Jupiter, Mercury and Mark V EBT devices

Don't let your testing program cost you a fortune to get setup. Safety Training DVD's and online training material.


AMMEX  GLOVES    100/Box - 10 Boxes/Case 

Great for drug collections and DNA collections



AMMEX Vinyl Exam Gloves  AMMEX VPF

$45.00  per case



       VPF62100 Small   ORDER

       VPF64100 Medium   ORDER

       VPF66100 Large     ORDER

       VPF68100 Extra Large  ORDER

Material: Vinyl   P/PF: Powder Free    Color: Clear

Gloves Per Box: 100 pair   Boxes Per Case: 10   Count


Per Case: 1000




AMMEX Nitrile Exam Gloves  AMMEX APFN 

$79.00 per case

Premium exam gloves with outstanding performance.


       APFN42100 Small   ORDER

       APFN44100 Medium   ORDER

       APFN46100 Large     ORDER

       APFN48100 Extra Large   ORDER

Material: Nitrile    P/PF:  Powder Free   

Per Box: 100   Boxes Per Case: 10   Count Per Case: 1000

Premium           Color: Blue   Glove



AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves |

AMMEX VSPF $52.00 per case

Premium vinyl exam gloves formulated to fit and feel like latex.


       VSPF42100 Small   ORDER

       VSPF44100 Medium    ORDER

       VSPF46100 Large      ORDER

       VSPF48100 Extra Large  ORDER

Material: Stretch Vinyl    P/PF: Powder Free    Color:




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